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Welcome to Diamond Dental of Harley Street, the Harley Street dentist with a reputation for providing levels of dentistry to the very highest standards. Our patients receive treatments that not only fix any underlying dental health issues, but also provide them with an essential confidence boost. Choosing to have dental surgery for cosmetic reasons can be a daunting process, and this is why  Dr. Ovidiu Maurer (GDC 174845) passionately puts patients at ease, delivering pain-free treatments and ensures that everything is explained in plain English. He has many years of experience in carrying out cosmetic and health-related dental procedures, and this is why a large number of clients make our practice their dental destination in Harley Street, London.

If you are looking for an  Emergency Dentist in Harley Street, you will probably be aware that it is vital to get the necessary treatment with the minimum of fuss - people in pain do not need the hassle of conducting research and checking through a number of different dentists in Harley Street. We make the whole process straightforward, and our professional and sympathetic approach allows us to provide key treatments to get your teeth and gums back to normal as soon as possible. Instead of telephoning countless dentists in Harley Street to see if they can ‘fit you in,’ you can simply give us a call and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.  Many of our emergency patients become regular clients, and this is because of the levels of professionalism that are shown by Dr. Maurer and his team.

Dr. Maurer has genuinely surprised thousands of patients with how he delivers a totally pain-free experience. Many have been told by other dentists that they should expect a small scratch when receiving local anesthetic, but with Dr. Maurer you do not even feel the needle. Patients feel so relaxed they have been known to fall asleep while having treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is also a passion at Diamond Dental of Harley Street, and we can offer you a range of treatments that are designed to not only give you that brilliant smile, but to also enjoy your newfounded confidence. You may have a number of different reasons for making an enquiry about  veneerswhite fillings and other procedures, and we always take the time to fully explain the pros and cons of each solution. Unlike a number of dental practices in the industry, our consultations are not designed to merely be a sales pitch, and we are aware of the huge responsibility that we have towards each and every patient. If our staff feel that you could benefit more from an alternative treatment, we will always make a suggestion and offer unrivaled levels of knowledge and advice.

All treatments that are offered by Diamond Dental of Harley Street come with a comprehensive set of standards - the same benefits apply for regular treatments, emergency bookings and cosmetic procedures. As our Principal Doctor, Dr. Maurer oversees the entire practice, and he ensures that the appropriate levels of professionalism are in place throughout. Our ultimate aim is for our patients to want to return and see us in the future, and we feel that everyone should have a single dentist that they build up a relationship with. Once we get to know each individual patient, we are in the best possible place to develop a complete understanding of their dental needs.

Diamond Dental of Harley Street is the dentist everyone is talking about, to find out why visit us at 66 Harley Street, London. Diamond Dental of Harley Street, expect more.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Ovidiu Maurer’s for almost two years now and quite simply he is the best dentist I have ever had. Ovidiu is so thorough; obviously highly skilled and talented and deeply interested in all aspects of his work, he is still open to learning. Ovidiu takes time during examinations to explain what he will be doing and to give the best advice, a rare and invaluable humility. His approach and his treatment are meticulous but imaginative when appropriate. As soon as you walk into the building you feel welcomed and confident that you will receive the best possible care, and you do. I was completely amazed by the quality and range of equipment, hygiene and generally relaxed, professional atmosphere. I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering dental implants and not only. Thank you Ovidiu and all your Team Cristina Botan
Cristina Botan
Cosmetic Dentist Harley Street - Where do I begin...... Firstly, a massive thank you to David, Practice Manager and Dr Maurer. I have never come across such polite, warm, friendly professionals and not forgetting the nurse, Justina. The experience is one that you will never forget, it is first class and I cannot highly recommend this service enough. I am thankful for the day I picked up the phone and dialed Diamond Dental of Harley Street's number. Immediately, I just somehow knew that I would be in good hands just from a mere telephone conversation with David. I had been to other dentists and do have some genuine horror stories so I was obviously nervous. However, the first consultation was superb, friendly professional and the advice given was genuinely for my benefit and not just a money making scheme as experienced at other practices I had visited. Dr Maurer is every bit the professional, was attentive and I could tell very passionate about his job so was seeking genuine perfection. He was thorough and gave me the best treatment option. He talked me through the management plan for my teeth and even talked me out of having veneers so saved me money! He will not let you walk away until he is absolutely happy with your teeth. Dr Maurer has created a beautiful set of teeth without any invasive treatment thank you so much.  I am sad that I now no longer need to visit the dentist, but I will find reasons to go back, Harley Street is a beautiful area! I am recommending all my family and friends.  Go on call them you will not be sorry. They are such a friendly bunch you will feel comfortable with them immediately.
Shahina M
Emergency Dentist Harley Street - I write this testimonial long after I had treatment but nonetheless, even on holiday from Spain, I found a bit of time to write, and to thank Dr.Maurer at Diamond Dental of Harley Street for his help. I came in with a severe sub lingual abscess with lots of complications, after spending 2 weeks in Euston College Hospital I had no result but thanks to Dr.Maurer's extra professional help I got better in just days and the complications are no longer. He is very patient, always careful with an inclination towards the customer, all in a clean, friendly, beautiful and healthy environment. I have, and will recommend Dr.Maurer to anyone who has dental problems, or wants to maintain a healthy denture. Thank you guys.
Daniel Dumitru
Hygienist Harley Street - I think this is probably the best Harley Street Dentist I have ever been to. I phoned up to ask about getting my teeth cleaned, and was very impressed that it would be done by an actual dentist, not some "hygienist" armed with nothing more than floss. This mattered as I had not had my teeth properly cleaned for 5 years and they were in a terrible state. On the day, the dentist went far beyond the call of duty, and performed miracles. He really put some effort into it and got rid of years of tartar build up and threw in some much needed deep cleaning. Several months later I'm still admiring my teeth and how good they look now. The dentist himself and his assistant were extremely polite and efficient and they didn't waste my time trying to charm me, or foist their products on me, did not patronise me but explained everything in a proper scientific way that I could understand, which was a huge relief. Most important of all, I did not feel at any point that the advice I was being given was simply to present the largest invoice possible - which has also happened to me in a lot of other places. I would recommend this Harley Street practice to anyone, and will definitely be returning.
Sarah Marris
Veneers Harley Street - Having been to numerous Harley Street dentists looking for a way to fix a front tooth veneer that had cracked in two, I found these guys by accident and visited their website. Rather than a new veneer or a full blown cap, I decided to investigate the composite veneer. From the careful way the anesthetic was administered (NO PAIN!) to the sheer care and effort that was used to make me happy with the outcome, I can't recommend this Harley Street dentist more. The end result was like nothing I had experienced before - much more translucent than a crown, much more real than a veneer. Worth every penny. I want to come back to this Harley Street dentist to replace some of the work I had done in past years - it all looks so much more natural.
Indra Whitmore
Veneers Harley Street - I came all the way from Bath especially to see DR. Maurer at his Harley Street practice to have 4 front veneers. Firstly I want to say a BIG thank you to him for the amazing work he has done. I have had nothing but compliments since receiving my veneers. People always tell me how perfect my teeth are and are shocked when I tell them they are veneers, the veneers have caused jealousy between my friends. As I was going in to hospital to have surgery the surgeons and nurses commented on my teeth and did not believe me when I said they were veneers...Now if surgeons who need an eye for detail can't even tell then all I can say is Dr. Maurer has an incredible eye for detail. He has given me the perfect smile yet looking so natural, my smile fools everyone, even the experts! As I walked into the clinic I could tell immediately that I was only going to get the best and I was right. The clinic is fresh, clean and stunningly beautiful. I instantly felt relaxed and so excited at the same time. The clinic is perfect, the doctor is perfect and my smile...PERFECT! Hands down this is the best Harley Street Dentist you will find
Adelle Hobbs
Harley Street Dentist - A very professional, high quality and totally pain free experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Maurer for anyone needing dental treatment. A beautiful practice and a great dental team. After visiting Dr. Maurer I now understand why Harley Street is known for having the best of the best. If anyone is looking to improve their smile you MUST go here!!! Diamond Dental of Harley Street is the place to go.
Daryl Skelton
Emergency Dentist Harley Street - I had not been to a dentist for many many many years due to a phobia. Unfortunately I broke a tooth last week and need emergency help. I had to find somewhere that would be patient, helpful and know how to handle a hysterical woman! This is the place...... Amazing. Dr Maurer and his staff were fantastic with me. My tooth is fixed and I even plan on going back soon for some cleaning. Highly recommended.
Amanda Kelly